Lawrence Socci, Author



The journey through recovery starts with acceptance. As part of my own recovery process, I reminisce about some tragic moments of my life. Memories that I thought I had forgotten that had actually became toxic to my life in the form of criminal behavior, drug addiction, and alcoholism. The aim of this writing is to show the reader that although negative things happen to us, they can produce positive results. The mental barriers and social disorders caused by childhood maltreatment can be overcome. I am the proof. To The At Risk Youth I’m writing this specifically for you I won't tell you what or what not to do Just explain the things that I’ve been through Like sexual, physical, and emotional trauma Violence, drugs, and witnessing abuse on my Mamma Memories that repeat over and over I eased the pain with drugs, so I never was sober Always was looking over my shoulder Anxiety so high, not to mention, depression No hope, purpose or direction Each day, a conflict with no progression When your future looks so unattractive You decide too young to become sexually active And your own mind is holding you captive See, I was in those shoes, So I could relate to you When you could bet each day’ll be the same ol news You expect the same results, anything else would be Insanity When you contemplate suicide because You can't handle reality Another friend gone, another day, another casualty Just a slave to your thoughts But you've got to move on Be brave and strong Just because you are at RISK Doesn't mean that you're gone They say you can't make it, so dedicate your life To proving them WRONG!

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